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Our story

We are innovators, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and human interactions.

We have delivered thousands of assignments since 1998. All the experience we’ve gathered goes into making sure that both our consultants and clients benefit from working with us.
That approach has meant that we are now one of Sweden’s leading brokers of consultants in
tech, finance, IT, management & engineering.

With 100,000 competent consultants in our network we attract market-leading companies who need help to solve business critical projects. This in turn gives our consultants access to some of the most interesting assignments on the market.

Our core values

We deliver
fast with high precision and efficiency

We are a
committed and reliable partner

We continue
to develop and improve

We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations

Our vision

Supporting the pursuit of visions

We want to make a difference in the new labor market by providing the software and services that our consultants and clients need to pursue their visions.

The reasons behind our rapid growth

• The next generation of consultants want to do things differently – and we are listening.
• Companies have seen how giving consultants freedom to choose how and where to work is beneficial for all.
• A fantastic team, the right partners and collaborators who all share the same vision.
• We continue to invest in innovative technology and our SaaS platform to scale our business.

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Meet the entrepreneurs and staff behind Werkeys

Anne Kordelius

Business Area Manager – KeyAccounting anne.kordelius@keyaccounting.se

Patrik Ekenbark

KAM – MSP (Manage Service Provider) patrik.ekenbark@keyman.se

Melita Landgraff

Contract Management melita.landgraff@keyman.se

Annette Mårdberg

KAM – Municipalities annette.mardberg@keyman.se

Jonas Pettersson

KAM – Private sector – KeyMan

Mats Mårtensson

CEO – Werkey Group

Edwin Landgraff

Busines Area Manager – KeyMan

Eva Forsling

Legal & Processess – Werkeys

Marie Lundin

Consultant Broker IT – KeyMan

Vala Jónsdóttir

CFO – Werkey Group

Anette Svensson

Consultant Broker Engineering – KeyMAN

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