Supporting an aggressive growth journey

High M&A potential

A leading position

– Leveraging Werkey’s potential to take a leading position and drive market consolidation through an aggressive M&A strategy within the large and still unmature gig-economy.

– Creating high upsell potential and higher revenue generation per user than competitors which will make it possible to acquire companies at a discounted valuation compared to Werkey.

– A curated list of potential companies within each category.

Additional companies and capital will be acquired through an IPO.

Acquiring subscribers

– Through focusing on companies with large number of subscribers.

– Through consultant providers, gig worker communities, aggregators and job market places.

– Through analogue companies with lower valuation multiples.

Convert users to turnkey customer through a SaaS business model to leverage multiple expansion.

The reasons behind our rapid growth

• The next generation of consultants want to do things differently – and we are listening.
• Companies have seen how giving consultants freedom to choose how and where to work is beneficial for all.
• A fantastic team, the right partners and collaborators who all share the same vision.
• We continue to invest in innovative technology and our SaaS platform to scale our business.

Want to take part in creating an industry ecosystem?

We invest in companies that excel in digital strategy, software and technology. The elements needed to create a strong ecosystem and community in the European consultant market.

Our strategy is to grow rapidly and consolidate the services that will make Werkey the leading platform to support the new labor market.

If you share our vision and offer products or services that could fit into our one-stop shop for consultants, we are interested in hearing from you. Write to or fill out the form.

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