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your growth with in-depth market intelligence. Increase your competitiveness and stay ahead of your competitors with access to your most valuable KPIs. Access and compare average prices and volumes for consultant roles in different areas of expertise and levels. Follow consultant trends in real time! Compare the entire market in real time and close more consulting deals with competitive pricing.

Those who know the most make the best decisions

Increase your competitiveness with relevant and competitive prices. Compare your prices with the entire market based on real-time data from over 15,000 sealed consulting contracts.

Compare, optimize, grow, sell. Make smarter decisions about your consulting business with access to data from over 5,000 organizations. Real-time data that shows average prices per role, areas of expertise, levels, trends, and more. Easily compare data between different time periods.

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Your most valuable KPIs. Access to the latest market data increases your chances of making better decisions about pricing. Pricing based on gut feeling instead of benchmark data can lead to good results but also less good results and often with uncertainty that you have not priced correctly. A difference of 10 SEK per hour in the wrong direction is about 20,000 SEK in revenue losses/year for ONE consultant.


Stay three steps ahead of your competitors with our market data. 

299 SEK / month

You get:


Increase the chances of closing your deals with unique pricing knowledge.

995 SEK / month

You get:


White label version of our system with your own branding. 

8 995 SEK / month

You get:


Increase your competitiveness!

Stay ahead of your competitors with benchmark & insights data. Increase the chances of closing your deals with relevant and competitive pricing from our database. Compare prices with the rest of the market and follow consultant trends in real time.


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